Taylor Greene Invited to Serve on Hamas Education Committee

Image credit, KTLA News, 5 February 2021, Image credit: MFA Israel (Reuters), 6 April 2018

Just months after the US House of Representatives voted to bar Greene from the House Committee on Education and Labor, Hamas, the Islamist militant group in charge of governing the Gaza Strip, announced that it has invited her to chair its education committee, only weeks after an 11-day war with Israel.

“Frankly, we were incredibly impressed by the depth of her knowledge of the crimes of humanity committed by the Jews,” Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh told The Mideast Beast. “I knew about the evil Jewish sharks, the evil Jewish eagles, and the evil Jewish lizards. But even I hadn’t heard about the evil Jewish space lasers. Our youth are in good hands with her crafting their curriculum.”

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Reached for comment, Greene said that she will accept the position as long as everyone else in Hamas’s government resigns immediately.

“As I’ve said before, Muslims do not belong in government,” Greene explained. “I mean, look what happened to our country when Obama took office.”

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