Web Searches on Google For “How to Move to Iraq” Skyrocket after 3rd Presidential Debate

Courtesy of Google Images (under 'memes'). Source unknown

Following the final presidential debate, Google trends revealed that searches on ‘how to move to Iraq’ had surged by nearly 300%.

“It kinda makes sense” said registered voter Roberto Seitelman. “The US is about to get ugly, regardless of who wins this one. Iraq can’t really get any worse and I hear they are about to get Mosul back, so honestly they can only go up!”

When asked about the statistic, Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi provided a tepid response. “We will definitely keep an eye on the situation but when a country of over 300 million people manages to narrow their main presidential candidates to these two… well I think you can understand why we are currently interviewing for world class wall builders.”

When questioned on which candidate he preferred, Prime Minister al-Abadi replied, “The answer is obvious, Gary Johnson of course. We all know that he was thinking of me when he pretended that he couldn’t think of a foreign leader that he admired.

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