Trump to Admit Obama Not Founder of ISIS by 2020

© Jefferstom | Dreamstime.com - Donald Trump November 9, 2015 Photo

Saying that he has always been one to acknowledge when he is wrong, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is reportedly prepared to admit before the 2020 election that President Obama and Hillary Clinton did not, in fact, found ISIS.

“After Mr. Trump claimed that President Obama was born in Kenya and that his birth certificate was a forgery, it was brought to his attention that this was inaccurate and he immediately, within five years, retracted his claim,” a senior advisor to the Republican told The Mideast Beast. “Similarly, as it’s been noted that Mr. Trump was slightly off the mark when he said that Obama and Hillary co-founded ISIS, he will correct this statement just as quickly.”

After walking back his “birther” claims last week and admitting that the president was in fact born in Hawaii, Trump blamed Clinton for starting the birther rumor. Aides to Trump said he would likely employ a similar tactic when he backtracks on his ISIS claims, blaming the controversy on Democratic 2020 presidential frontrunner Kanye West.

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