Sanders Demands ISIS Pay Fighters $15 Per Hour

ID 49496248 © Hrlumanog | Dreamstime.com

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders is taking the Fight for $15 to the Caliphate, demanding that the Islamic State pay a living wage to its mujahedeen in Iraq and Syria.

“These fighters work very hard, very long hours, in a very dangerous job, and yet they are paid peanuts while the Caliph and those around him live very comfortably,” Sanders said in a stump speech in Aleppo. “It is not fair that the top 1 percent of ISIS officials get 83 percent of the Caliphate’s income, 91 percent of its sex slaves, and nearly 100 percent of its opium.”

Sanders further called on the terror group to improve working conditions while also transitioning to renewable energy to power its operations.

“Frankly, it’s hard to defend this organization when it does not treat its employees in a reasonable manner,” Sanders said. “Maybe that is why they are so unpopular.”

As of press time, ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi had refused to raise wages but did promise to allow his fighters regular bathroom breaks.

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