Pro and Anti-Israel Groups Agree: You Need to Spend More Time Thinking about Israel

Photo 113985447 © Ben Gingell | Dreamstime.com

“Just think about all of the things Israel does, and you’ll know how to feel about the state!” Interestingly, this claim could have been made by either side of the “Israel is great v. Israel is terrible” debate. Pro-Israel activists and anti-Israel activists disagree on nearly every point, interpreting every fact as supporting their position over that of their rivals’. From Israel’s heroic or genocidal founding, to its open or oppressive society, and even to its inclusive or racist culture, there is no end to what can be shaped or distorted to fit a narrative. However, there does seem to be something that the two sides can agree on: people need to spend more of their free time thinking about Israel.

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From Israel’s sandy beaches to its security fences, from its ancient ruins to its modern ones, from its open democracy to its oppressive occupation, the two sides just want you to think about it. More. However much you think about Israel, good or bad, it isn’t enough. You were hoping to watch some mindless TV? Too bad! Think about Israel’s defensive operations or war crimes! Every second you don’t think about Israel, you are betraying a scared Israeli child or a scared Palestinian child. How dare you? So next time you think about not thinking about Israel, think about Israel instead. Even pro-Israel and anti-Israel people can agree on that.

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