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For centuries, my ancestors lived in the ancient land of (Israel/Palestine). They lived there peacefully until they were driven out by colonizers who stole the land from them. Since that time, my people have suffered terribly at the hands of the (Israelis/Palestinians). What complicates the issue is that the (Israelis/Palestinians) believe that our land is also theirs. They refuse to accept the right of (Israelis/Palestinians) to have their own state, and because of this, the (Israelis/Palestinians) attack us indiscriminately. The (Israelis/Palestinians) are ruthless and don’t care how many (Israeli/Palestinian) children and women they kill. Young (Israelis/Palestinians) are brought up being taught to hate (Israelis/Palestinians) through (Israeli/Palestinian) government propaganda.

The Western media is no help at all, as it is clearly, unquestionably biased towards the (Israelis/Palestinians). Every report displays (Israelis/Palestinians) in a negative light, while casting (Israelis/Palestinians) as brave victims. This reflects the overall feeling of the international community, which obviously supports (Israel/Palestine). The United States provides the (Israeli/Palestinian) government with huge sums of money every year, money which the (Israelis/Palestinians) use to attack our people. Many in my country think we’ll have to fight the (Israelis/Palestinians) until (Israel/Palestine) is totally free of them. But, I pray that one day, the State of (Israel/Palestine) will be able to live in peace and security next to its neighbor, the State of (Israel/Palestine).


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