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Nuclear Deal That Took Years To Negotiate Dismissed In Minutes By Armchair Politicians On Twitter

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“Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s nclr deal is #awful #worstpresidenteva!” said renowned Twitter scholar @Obama_St1nks in response to the deal designed to slow Iran’s nuclear marathon. @Obama_St1nks is not alone in his or her opinion, as hundreds of Twitter academics flocked to join his or her dissension. It does appear that the highly educated and influential intellectuals of social media have deconstructed the highly complex treaty rather handily. In fact, the 159-page document has been totally dismantled, 140 characters at a time.

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Despite the fact that many of the world’s best and brightest worked diligently for years on the nuclear deal behind closed doors, criticism began almost instantaneously with the announcement of its signing. The Twitterverse, along with other social media outlets, were the main tools used by the livid geopolitical experts sitting at home, probably not wearing pants. “I wud have just bombed the Arab bastards!!!1 #get’erdone” said one clearly educated political analyst with the Twitter handle, @Dumbutts929. Iranians aren’t Arabs but well said @Dumbutts929, well said.

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