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Following Melania’s Successful Campaign Against Cyberbullying, Eva Braun Vows to Fight Anti-Semitism

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Following Melania Trump’s promise to focus on preventing cyberbullying nearly three years ago, and her clear success at it thus far as First Lady of the United States, Eva Braun has announced plans to combat anti-Semitism both in Germany and throughout the world.

“Our culture has become too mean and too rough, especially to Jewish people,” Braun, Adolf Hitler’s longtime mistress, noted. “We have to find a better way to respect religious differences without turning to hatred or prejudice.”

Braun announced that she would launch a tour of Middle Eastern countries in which anti-Semitism is prevalent, beginning in Iran.

“Iranian leaders have made a number of offensive, anti-Semitic statements,” Braun noted. “Former President Ahmadinejad’s holocaust denial, for example, is completely unacceptable and, I personally can assure you, quite false.”

As of press time, following Melania’s statements supporting civility, Braun vowed to also fight discrimination against Slavs and the Romani.

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