Marjorie Taylor Greene, Ilhan Omar Launch Bipartisan House Anti-Semite Caucus

Image credit: The Jewish Telegraphic Agency 9 July 2018 and The Times of Israel 29 Jan 2021

Looking to prove that Democrats and Republicans can find common ground despite deep polarization, Democratic Congresswoman Ilham Omar and freshmen Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene have formed a House Caucus to advance Anti-Semitic Stereotypes.

The move was heralded as a triumph of bipartisanship, as the two lawmakers will work together to promote a range of conspiracies about Jewish Americans.

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“While we may not agree about tax rates, foreign policy, or whether Tom Hanks eats children, Marjorie and I are both committed to stopping the Jews from hypnotizing the world and destroying the planet with their giant space laser,” Omar said. “This is what cooperation looks like.”

Greene was equally enthused about their partnership.

“I can’t believe that I thought the Islamic invasion was a bad thing!” Greene Tweeted. “With our minds put together, we can come up with more harmful and deranged conspiracy theories than either of us can alone.”

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