Iron Dome Selfies “Not a Good Idea”, Says Institute of Basic Common Sense

Photo 43579011 © Rafael Ben Ari | Dreamstime.com

A startling new report from the Institute of Basic Common Sense, suggests that in general people should use the time given by the warning siren of incoming rockets to seek immediate shelter for themselves and their families.

In a move guaranteed to cause controversy it suggests that people using the time to position themselves for the perfect Instagram image are, in its words, “fuck nuts!”

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Shlomi Birnbaum from the Institute explained, “There’s a couple of things to consider here, first, the Iron Dome system has a success rate of approximately 90%. For those of you not so hot with math that means that ‘some’ rockets will get through with a mission to rock your world. Secondly, gravity……! You do all know that even the Israeli company Elbit Defense Systems haven’t come up with a cure for that? I mean if they had, don’t you think Gaza would be floating somewhere over Malta by now? So even with the ones we do hit, there’s gonna be what we in the scientific community call ‘bits’ that are taking a downwards trajectory towards your face.”

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