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‘Holocaust Was Wrong, But a Lot of Those Jews Were Cunts,’ Kenneth Roth Says

Image Kenneth Ross, Human Rights Watch by Sebastian Zwez, CC BY 3.0 DE , via Wikimedia Commons

NEW YORK CITY — Human Rights Watch director Kenneth Roth is once again facing controversy for remarks some saw as justifying anti-Semitism, this time for calling holocaust victims “a bunch of cunts.”

“The Holocaust was absolutely wrong and there is no excuse for the Nazi’s actions,” Roth tweeted Sunday. “But let’s face it – a lot of those Jews were probably cunts anyway. I mean, we’re all thinking it, right?”

The tweet came just hours after Roth put out a tweet blaming the Israeli government for incidents of anti-Semitism in the UK. Though both tweets sparked criticism, Roth wasn’t done there.

“And I’m not saying Hitler was a good guy. He was clearly a very flawed man. But you’ve got to admit, that was a pretty dope mustache,” Roth tweeted. “As if Ben-Gurion could pull off that look. The guy looked like Larry David chewed on a jumper cable.”

As of press time, Roth had gone on to justify the Spanish Inquisition, the September 11 attacks, and Mel Gibson.

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