Biden: Some of My Best Friends Are Black

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Presumptive Democratic nominee for president, Joe Biden has been very busy apologizing for telling a black radio host that African-Americans “ain’t black, man!” if they are unsure who to support in November’s election.

“Some of my best friends are black”, Biden told The Mideast Beast. “I am sorry that they now know how I really feel about them, just because of a silly slip of the mind, which, let’s be honest, could happen to any presidential candidate who ‘isn’t always at home’. But I’m prepared to say that I have a record, a record of over 40 years, and I still intend to have multiple female, black running mates, if that helps at all?

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“So of course I have regrets, but look at my record, this kind of thing happens all the time in politics. Yet, I want to stress one thing: I do not discriminate against Blacks. I also think that women who are unsure whether to vote for me , especially the ones whose hair I’ve smelled and whose bodies I’ve attempted to rub against in passing, aren’t actually women. How can any genuine female who has been in my presence not vote for me, is what I ask myself? I mean, look at my record, over 40 years! I’m Joe Biden, and I’m gonna beat Joe Biden!”

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