Biden Orders Invasion of Republic of Georgia over New Voting Laws

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Promising to “bring democracy” to the Eastern European nation, President Joe Biden has launched an all-out invasion of the former Soviet Republic of Georgia.

The invasion was initiated in response to a series of voting reforms enacted by the US state of Georgia, though sources close to the president said it was unclear whether he understood that the two entities were not related.

“He kept talking about ending Jim Crow 2.0 and bringing freedom to Georgia while ordering battleships into the Black Sea,” Biden chief of Staff Ron Klain told The Mideast Beast. “I was going to explain to him that the country of Georgia had nothing to do with these laws, but we were running up against his afternoon nap.”

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It is the second time in recent months that the Tbilisi has found itself ensnared in conflict with the US due to its shared name with the southern state. In January, then-President Donald Trump called Georgian President Salome Zurabishvili seeking to overturn the US presidential election.

“What the hell is wrong with these Americans?” a frustrated Zurabishvili asked following the US invasion. “Why do they keep electing the dumbest people, who don’t know the difference between a state and a country?”

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