Pence and Pompeo Book Airbnb in Tel Aviv

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Sources have confirmed that the US Vice President and Secretary of State have booked an extended stay in a two-bedroom property close to the beach in Tel Aviv. A spokesman for Vice President Pence commented, “This is a long planned and well-deserved vacation for the guys. They’ve been promising each other they would carve out some quality time since the spring, and this has worked out perfectly. Although this is supposed to be a holiday, they made sure to click the ‘work trip’ button, to insure they had super-fast broadband and a laptop-ready desk. Just in case anything came up back at the office they needed to look at.”

A State Department official added, “There’s nothing unusual about this. They were going to book something in Ankara, but it was hard to find any ‘super hosts’ and anything else can be a real lottery. Tel Aviv has worked out well. They can kick back and catch some winter sun, maybe take in one of the optional ‘experiences’ you can get on the site now. Apparently, there’s a really informative historical tour of the Golan they can book. Won’t that be fun?”

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