Amnesty International Report: Some Palestinians Are Dicks

In a hard-hitting report Amnesty International has uncovered what many feared, some Palestinians are just complete dicks.

Human rights commentator Darren Wild said, “We had all been hoping this wasn’t true and that we could hold onto our belief that all Palestinians were either simple goat herders, toddlers or poets. But sadly it seems that a small minority of them are just complete and utter dicks. And they seem to like being dicks to each other.”

“This had always been a nagging fear at the back of our minds. Because it seemed odd that toddlers would have the concentration required to set up an M-75 rocket, fire it, and then escape. Now we know. There are some Palestinians that are just ‘dickish’. Which explains a lot.”

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One Gaza resident, commented, “Personally I’m interested in running my grocery, playing football with my kids and watching Egyptian soap operas with the wife. But sadly I have to admit there was this one guy I went to school with who was a complete dick back then, and I fear he’s even more of a dick now. I hear that happens everywhere.”

On a related note, a Jerusalem Post story has uncovered that not all Israelis are hot chicks, gay activists or Internet entrepreneurs. Some of them are just total assholes.

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