Americans Nostalgic for the Times Trump was Just an Anti-Vaxxer

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In recent weeks President Donald Trump has seriously escalated his war on science, data, the medical field, and logic. The president refused to wear a face mask, suggested that humans should inject disinfectants to combat Covid-19, and self-prescribed a Malaria medication unproven to cure coronavirus symptoms while testing negative for the disease, and he drank fish tank cleaner. These actions have Americans missing simpler times.

“I wish he would just go back to being anti-vaxx, that was plenty cray cray,” said Dave Johnson, a New York native who described himself as a moderate democrat. “I really miss the times where the president’s worst unsubstantiated health advice could only lead to a controlled measles outbreak,” Johnson added.

An executive at Lysol who spoke to The Mideast Beast (TMB) on condition of anonymity, said that they were appalled by Trump’s suggestion that people should consume their product. “We really do wish he would go back to telling people not to get the measles vaccine instead of suggesting that drinking Lysol can cure the novel coronavirus,” he said. “But, if I’m being honest, I’m not opposed to the president chugging some of our product himself.”

To combat Trump’s increasingly hazardous disregard of science, the American Medical Association reportedly pressed Fox News to let more experts on air to provide accurate information. A Seattle-based doctor told TMB that Trump’s new ideas are so dangerous that she is willing to sacrifice some of her own values. “I would definitely go on air and feed the anti-vaxx conspiracies just to drown out this new bullshit about drinking drain cleaners to combat corona,” she said.

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