Americans Learn About Israeli Politics, Start Appreciating the Electoral College

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Sarah Wokey has long thought the system for electing American presidents was ridiculous, but recently the young progressive activist from Seattle had a change of heart. “I found out our presidential model is much better than the parliamentary system,” she said.

Wokey said she has followed Israeli politics for the past year and a half or so, observing election after election, with calls for yet another election given the handling of the coronavirus pandemic. Although she is a Democrat, she said that her entire life she has been a critic of America’s two-party system. That changed overnight. “Holy shit, in Israel you know how many parties they have? It’s like there’s three parties for two Jews.”

Wokey says it’s about more than just the proliferation and bloating of political parties Knesset members in Israeli politics that has made her appreciate the American system. “In order to create a coalition they have to make up bullshit ministries. I honestly prefer our system, where the president just hires a bunch of cronies.”

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But it isn’t just the two-party system that Americans are all of sudden appreciating. Mike Altrighty, a Trump supporter from Charlottesville, said that he always thought the Electoral College was stupid. “I’ve always viewed it as a gross, big government thing to have these people designated to speak for voters.”

But the repeated Israeli elections and the inability to get anything done have changed Altrighty’s opinion. “After all those Jew elections I understand why we need the Electoral College – to make sure that we have a decision. I mean the biggest shit show we can have is Florida 2000, but that’s like an NFL win in overtime,” Alrighty said. He added that the Israeli system is comparable to something way worse. “They literally have ties in their elections, it’s like soccer.”

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