Washington DC Committee Recommends Renaming Capital ‘Arafat DC’

"Gaddafi with Yasser Arafat 1977", https://bit.ly/2QY2sbj

Noting that the nation’s first president was extremely problematic, a committee has recommended removing George Washington’s name from the nation’s capital and renaming the city after someone less controversial like former PLO leader Yasser Arafat.

The committee, formed by DC Mayor Muriel E. Bowser to examine problematic statues and monuments, noted that Washington was a slaveholder, was not a vegan and was never recorded as speaking out for trans rights, potentially alienating many of the city’s residents.

“A racist homophobe like George Washington should not be honored or remembered,” committee chair and former UK Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn said. “In order to be more inclusive and send a welcoming message, we should rename the city Arafat DC, Che DC, Stalin DC or Osama DC.”

President Trump quickly seized on the committee’s recommendations, declaring on Twitter that “politically correct radical leftists want to rename your cities and erase our country’s heroes.”

“If we are renaming the capital, we better make sure we rename it after someone who is really tremendous,” Trump continued. “Maybe Ivanka DC, Putin DC, or Kim Jong Un DC.”

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