Warren Blasts North Korea for Promising ‘Christmas Gift’ Instead of Holiday Gift

ID 154920097 © Rich Koele | Dreamstime.com

Calling the North Korean strongman “problematic,” Democratic Senator and presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren came out swinging after Kim Jong Un promised the US a “Christmas gift,” likely in the form of a satellite launch or weapons test.

“Does Mr. Kim have any idea how hurtful this language is to American men, women, and non-binary individuals who do not celebrate Christmas?” Warren said while appearing on Meet the Press Sunday morning. “If the Supreme Leader refuses to use inclusive language in his threats to annihilate America, we may have no choice but to recommend he attend mandatory diversity training.”

Warren later released a list of inclusive terms Kim should have used, including “holiday gift,” “non-denominational celebratory item,” and “Kwanza present.” Warren’s press release initially included a reference to Hanukkah, but it was removed after Rep. Ilhan Omar insisted it was “triggering.”

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