Uptick in UFO Sightings and Cannabis Consumption as COVID-19 Quarantine Continues

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The Great Coronavirus Quarantine of 2020 has had a variety of side effects. Some have been negative, which was to be expected. For example, a rise in unemployment and domestic violence. Others have been positive, like the massive reduction in carbon emissions and increased sales and consumption of medical cannabis.

Since the mandatory lockdown began in countries around the world, anxious quarantined citizens have reported seeing UFOs and other unexplainable phenomena.

An anonymous cannabis enthusiast from Tel Aviv describes a bizarre experience involving a massive floating object. “I was on my porch, enjoying my third spliff of the evening, when it caught my eye.  It was a massive white orb just hanging in the sky. Its luminosity was breathtaking. Despite its massive size and its slow movement across the night sky, I could see no visible signs of propulsion. It was like nothing I’d ever seen before, other than maybe the moon….”

He trailed off after that, clearly shaken from his encounter.

A Lebanese man recounts a chilling encounter with an “alien craft” he observed outside his apartment in Beirut, the cool, less rubble’ish and pockmarked parts of the city.

“I was puffing on some hashish, I mean shisha, when I noticed what appeared to be a flying robot outside my window, almost like a predator drone but smaller. To my surprise, it dropped a parcel on my doorstep. When I finally found the courage to open it, I found running shoes inside…the very running shoes I had ordered from Amazon. Try explaining that.”

While the link between cannabis and alien contact is unclear, some including renowned podcaster Joe Rogan have proposed that psychoactive substances cause the brain to emit vibrations that the extraterrestrials “can like, pick up on or whatever.”  He then asked if we wanted to smoke DMT with him, before going off on a tangent about phytonutrients and vegans.

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