Former Al Qaeda Jihadist Disappointed He Didn’t Qualify for Veterans Day Sales

By Hamid Mir - http://centralasiaonline.com/en_GB/articles/caii/features/pakistan/main/2011/05/03/feature-02, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=36716340

Calling it a “disgusting act of Islamophobia,” former Al Qaeda jihadist Mohammad al-Baktar, who now refers to himself as Martin Brown, was rejected from participating in any of his local malls’ Veterans Day sales.

“I cannot believe that this is happening in 2019,” Mr. Brown said during an interview with one reporter from The Mideast Beast. “Back in Afghanistan I was promised the perks of martyrdom, which I guess is good after death. However, I came to the United States to seek religious freedom and respect for my former military service during my lifetime.”

The question of who should be considered a veteran in the United States has been a topic of debate for some time. Just three years ago, a former Hamas militant was denied a slice of carrot cake at a coffee house in Los Angeles that promised free dessert for former military personnel. Following the incident, another foreign veteran, this time a former Taliban intelligence officer, posted on Facebook that he had also been denied the double discount for veterans from his local Bed Bath & Beyond.

“The Americans ask why we call them ‘infidels’ and why we try to kill them. Maybe if they stopped being assholes and started respecting our military service, things would be different. Anyone would think we were Coast Guard,” Mr. Brown said as he concluded his interview.

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