UNRWA II Established for CHAZ Refugees

Police blocking 12th avenue during the removal of CHAZ CHOP. ID 189045523 © Fromourlittlebubble | Dreamstime.com

The United Nations has launched a second UN Relief and Works Agency to support refugees from the now-defunct nation of CHAZ.

The agency, which will be called UNRWA II, will provide services for the dozens of refugees evicted from their country when the regime of Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan invaded and ethnically cleansed the enclave.

“Many of those forced to flee CHAZ had lived there since the nation was created nearly a month ago,” said UN Secretary General António Guterres. “They know little else.”

UNRWA II will build refugees of the short-lived nation refugee camps in states across the Pacific Northwest. They will be kept in these camps, as will their children and their children’s children, until the Seattle Occupation Regime allows them to return to their family homes.

“Without UNRWA II, there would be no more CHAZ refugees within a generation. We will not let that happen,” said Guterres. “Even if it takes a thousand years, these refugees or their descendants will go home.”

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