Twitter Finally Suspends Khamenei After He Mentions Hunter Biden’s Laptop

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Twitter has finally suspended the account of Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei after the Ayatollah tweeted a link to a New York Post story about Hunter Biden, the son of the former vice president.

Jewish organizations have long called on Twitter to suspend Khamenei’s account due to its antisemitic content and frequent calls to violence. But Twitter has refused, referring to his tweets as “comments on current affairs.”

On Wednesday, Khamenei finally crossed the line with a tweet about a laptop allegedly belonging to Hunter Biden.

“Hunter Biden was using his connection to the Vice Satan to earn two billion rial a month from [Ukrainian energy firm] Burisma,” Khamenei tweeted. “If he were any better at exploiting the tentacles of power to fill his pockets with ill-gotten dollars, he would be a Jew.”

Twitter quickly deleted the tweet and suspended his account for publishing unverified material that could impact the election.

“I am very disappointed in Mr. Khamenei’s sudden disregard for the truth,” explained Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey. “He must stop tweeting vile and offensive content and go back to commenting on current affairs if he wants his Twitter account unlocked.”

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