Trump Says There Were ‘Good People on Both Sides’ of Armenian Genocide

ID 166405282 © Georgesheldon | Dreamstime.com

Refusing to sign a bipartisan resolution condemning the 100-year-old genocide, US President Donald Trump insisted Tuesday that there were “good people on both sides” of the Armenian genocide.

“Listen, there were some very good Ottomans and there were some very bad Ottomans, believe me,” Trump said during a press conference called to discuss infrastructure legislation. “Not all the Ottomans who went there to kill the Armenians were interested in genocide. Some were just upset about what happened to Australian Archduke Frank Fernandez (sic).”

Trump also insisted that the Armenians were “no angels,” claiming that they had “really treated that Milosevic guy very poorly.”

“There were bad people on both sides and there were good people on both sides,” Trump concluded. “But I have a very good relationship with the King of Turkey [President Recep Tayyip Erdogan] and I have a very good relationship with Kanye, so it’s really best if we just stay neutral here.”

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