Trump Says Soros is Funding Corona, Hannity May or May Not Have Proof

By Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America - Donald Trump & Sean Hannity, CC BY-SA 2.0,

In a series of early morning tweets President Trump claimed that billionaire philanthropist George Soros financed the Covid-19 pandemic. “He is behind so many evil things: migrant caravans, paid protesters. People tell me he even funds universities. I know this guy. Nobody knows Soros better than me. People say he is behind it, I believe it.”

Trump’s tweets occurred two minutes after Fox News ran a segment about an unsubstantiated report on Breitbart that suggested the Jewish billionaire backed the outbreak. The unsourced report claimed that a lab in China — which two decades ago received a $1,000 gift from Soros’s Open Society Foundation, alongside millions of dollars from the Koch Brothers and the Ford Foundation — could have been the origin of the virus. On Fox News Sean Hannity said that although he cannot prove that Soros funded the pandemic, he also doesn’t have certain proof that he didn’t. In response, Hannity said, “I chose to run a segment on it, just in case it’s true.”

Critics say that there is little chance Soros funded the pandemic. Experts have pointed out that if Soros financed a disease, he would have opted for a virus that could avoid big, liberal-leaning metropolitans. “Soros would favor one that spreads well in rural areas, gun ranges, Walmarts, and country music concerts,” said Ben Rhodes, Obama’s former speech writer.

But Stormfront, the American Nazi blog, has a different take. “If you need proof that this is Soros-funded, look at all the Hasidic Jews that have gotten sick. We are so deep into Jewish world domination that they have started to go after each other. This is clearly a power play by Soros against other Jews,” an anonymous blogger said.

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