Trump Promises Palestinians a State if they Attend his Inauguration

By The White House - Official White House Facebook page, Public Domain,

Criticizing the Palestinian people for their failure to attend his first swearing in, US President Donald Trump promised to create a Palestinian state during his second term if they attend his next inauguration.

His statement came during an interview with Jonathan Swan, a reporter for Axios, following a question on his approach to negotiating peace between Israel and the Palestinians.

“Look, the Palestinians made a tremendous mistake not attending my inauguration. I thought they should have been there, it was a tremendous event, but they chose not to go,” Trump told Swan. “Now, obviously I am not going to give a shit about someone or make an effort to defend their rights if they won’t even attend my inauguration, which was tremendous, by the way.”

When asked if he would push for a peace plan if elected to a second term, Trump said that it was “up to the Palestinians.”

“Listen, if the Palestinians show up for my second inauguration and say great things about me, then sure, I’ll make sure that they have their own state with no Jews or anything,” Trump explained. “But if they choose not to attend again, and that would be very stupid, then I really don’t care if Israel takes the whole West Bank.”

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