Trump Offers Wall Around Syrian Safe Areas

© Hunterbracewell | Dreamstime.com - Destroyed Building Aleppo. Photo

President Trump has suggested to his Russian comrade that a beautiful big wall would really be the best way to the ensure the proposed safe areas in Syria are really secure.

A spokesman for the US president commented, “This proposal demonstrates how President Trump continues to think outside the box on issues concerning international relations. As everyone knows, contrary to the FAKE MEDIA, the border wall with Mexico is right on track. In fact, we think we can get it done early, even though Congress allocated zero dollars for it. Which is why the President is so eager to utilize our expertise in this area. We might even have some bits left over which we could ship over. Now that’s the art of a deal!”

President Putin complimented the offer, “I have fond memories of a certain wall in Berlin, and as long as this one has a mine field, count me in.”

President Assad conceded that the plan had merit, “Just so long as no one with bad intentions has access to a ladder.”

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