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Trump Asks Doctors if he Can Nuke Covid-19

Image from SILive.com in "President Trump to be taken to hospital after COVID diagnosis" at https://bit.ly/3irv9sw

Days after testing positive for Covid-19, US President Donald Trump has reportedly asked doctors if they can remove the virus from his body using nuclear weapons.

“Look doctor, I have all these nukes. Like hundreds, maybe millions of them, and I mean really powerful bombs,” Trump reportedly told his physician after testing positive for Covid-19. “If we just dropped one nuke on it, believe me, it would completely obliterate the virus.”

He added, “Nobody knows more about viruses than me.”

It is not the first time that Trump has proposed using nuclear weapons for non-military purposes. On multiple occasions, the president has suggested nuking hurricanes to stop them from hitting the US.

Doctors explained to that while a nuclear explosion would certainly eliminate the disease caused by the coronavirus, it would also kill the host and anyone else in at least a ten-block vicinity, making it useless as a possible treatment.

“Very few people know this, but if you explode a nuclear bomb on somebody, they could die,” Trump said a recorded video. “Who knew that getting rid of viruses could be so complicated?”

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