Taliban Sees Pushback Over ‘Critical Jihad Theory’

Image credit: Jacob Freeze (Flickr) at https://bit.ly/2TIWqQZ

Just as it prepares to retake the country, the Taliban is seeing its popularity in Afghanistan wane due to its support for “Critical Jihad Theory.”

Taliban officials have insisted that schools, major companies and the military all teach Critical Jihad Theory, or CJT, which teaches that all people are either “infidels” or “anti-infidels.” Training seminars at major Afghan corporations urge employees to “be less Tajik,” while public schools in Taliban-controlled regions have accused Shiite children of committing “spirit murder” against their Sunni counterparts.

But these efforts have been met with resistance from the Afghan population. Angry parents have crammed into school board meetings, demanding educators desist from pushing CJT on their children.

“These parents just don’t want their kids to learn the real history about this country!” one Taliban official complained. “Gosh, it was so much easier when we could just shoot children in the head.”

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