Syrian Rebels Ask #notmypresident Campaigners Whether They Want to Swap

© Hunterbracewell | Dreamstime.com - Destroyed Hospital Building Aleppo. Photo

Rebel fighters in Aleppo have taken to social media to ask whether #notmypresident protestors are interested in an exchange program.

Nabir Younis took time from being bombed by Russian warplanes to comment, “Don’t get me wrong, we are all sympathetic to those saddened by their candidates’ loss last Tuesday. Only yesterday Mahmud and I were discussing how infuriating it must be that the democratic system in place since The Constitutional Convention of 1787 would suddenly be inconvenient to you. Sadly, our discussion was interrupted by a mortar round that blew both his legs off.”

“So really if anyone from Portland is interested in taking our places here, then you can be sure that we’d be very happy to carry some placards around and do some light chanting. We understand your police use ‘rubber’ bullets. That’s cute.”

“My only advice to any students taking us up on the offer is not to hold up your banners too high, bright colors tend to attract those pesky snipers.”

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