Progressives Demand China Paint ‘Uyghur Lives Matter’ on Street

ID 164808353 © Sirio Carnevalino | Dreamstime.com

With images emerging of Uyghurs being forced into train cars and legal experts now calling China’s treatment of the ethnic minority a genocide, US progressive leaders have demanded Chinese President Chinese President Xi Jinping paint ‘Uyghur Lives Matter’ on a prominent roadway.

“The forced sterilization and re-education of the Uyghur is a crime against humanity, and it must be met with a swift response,” New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said. “We must demand that President Xi find a busy street and write clearly: ‘Uyghur Lives Matter!’ And he better write it in big letters.”

Washington DC Mayor Muriel Bowser upped the ante, saying that she would ban members of the Chinese government from the city unless China either ends the genocide or displays the text at a major Beijing intersection.

“Being the first city to paint ‘Black Lives Matter,’ I know what it makes to take real, substantive action to battle bigotry,” she said. “It means writing words in paint.”

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