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PLO Movie ‘European-cheered Parasite’ Wins Oscar for Best Fake News Special Effects

ID 27810656 © Ahmedfraije | Dreamstime.com

The PLO movie ‘European-cheered Parasite’ shocked the movie industry by winning the Oscar for “Best Fake News Special Effects.” CNN, which was involved in the PLO movie project, won the Oscar for “Best Supporting Actor.”

An impressed Steven Spielberg told The Mideast Beast: “I’ve done ‘Jaws’ and ‘Indiana Jones’ but nobody beats PLO in staging massacres and faking ancient civilizations. Infidelity-friendly Hollywood infidels can learn a great deal from Jihad-friendly Pallywood.”

Self-described progressive singer turned Middle East expert John Legend concluded, “I can’t tell the difference between Hamas and Hummus but progressives must support Pallywood’s impressive special effects manipulations. Madonna, stop crying for Argentina and start shedding crocodile tears for “occupied Palestine”. PLO’s cinematic ‘Death to Jews’ has a universal appeal among peace-loving Zionist-critics worldwide.”

A moved PLO chief Mahmoud Abbas, who won the Oscar for ‘Best Joker Actor’, spoke to The Mideast Beast from his European-funded Ramallah movie studio. “Despite racist Zionist occupation, archeological digs reveal that PLO’s movie industry has thrived for over ten thousand years. Long before Jewish-occupied Hollywood spread Zionist propaganda with ‘E.T. phone home’, Pallywood was entertaining the ancient world from China to Mesopotamia.”

Abbas revealed the secret behind PLO’s enduring movie success. “You need generous foreign sponsors and you simply have to give what the progressive anti-racist audience wants. Our next movie, ‘Once Upon a Time…in Pallywood’ is a realistic documentary-style blockbuster about angelic multicultural transgender kids declaring an intifada against man-eating Zionist alien zombies.”

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