Palestinians Decry Unilateral Annexation as Denying Palestinian’s Historical Right to Say “No”

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The Palestinian Authority continues to protest Netanyahu’s plans for unilateral annexation of parts of the West Bank as destructive to the peace process and denies Palestinians their historic right to say “No” to literally any other solution that might actually work.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said in a public statement that the Palestinian people would not be denied their historical right to say “No” to any peace proposal. Abbas did say that he would be willing to talk with Israel provided that there were guarantees that they would not be blamed for the inevitable collapse of the peace talks and that Israel could be condemned internationally.

Netanyahu has met plenty of pushback against annexation, with the European Union saying that it was unhelpful to peace and harmed the chances of Palestinians saying “No” to future offers for a Palestinian state. The Arab world has also said they would really appreciate it if Netanyahu didn’t do it, but also said if they did annex it would be “meh” because “Iran isn’t going to bomb itself”.

Left-leaning groups in the United States have also insisted that annexation would harm the peace process. J Street has said that annexation goes against the spirit of the peace process to try the same thing over and over again until it works. J Street President Jeremy Ben Ami said in a statement that at this point to try anything new would be insane and that “the lives of Palestinians as well as my speaking engagement fees rely on the peace process continuing”.

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