Iranian Supreme Leader Khamenei Impeached for Attempted Nuclear Program

By Ataei86 - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Calling it a “huge surprise” and a “shocking news,” an Iranian government spokesman announced on Wednesday the impeachment of the Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei. The news comes following the discovery that Khamenei had been planning to use the nation’s uranium enrichment plants to develop weapons of mass destruction. Khamenei has a long history of denying such intentions, however, the possibility of him lying has never been thought of as a serious threat by the international community. It’s not surprising, as these days not even a leader who tells 13,000 lies is enough to be considered problematic.

“It is with great disappointment that I must announce the removal of Supreme Leader Khamenei from office for breaking international law,” the spokesman said on live television. “While I’m all for making Israel glow in the dark, international law must be followed. I’m sure there are ‘more legal’ ways to get rid of the Zionists, just ask Hamas.”

Following the announcement, many world leaders took to expressing their sorrows regarding the impeachment.

“This is ridiculous,” President Trump said during a press conference. “Khamenei was such a good peace partner, advocate, and moreover, a good friend. He even told me during a phone call that he has no nuclear weapons! This impeachment process is bullshit!” When questioned on the contents of the aforementioned phone call, Trump called the questioning news reporter “an enemy of the state”, and then proceeded to deny ever speaking on the phone with Khamenei.

Benjamin Netanyahu – the Israeli Prime Minister who just won’t take a hint – surprisingly broke from the norm and commended Iran’s decision. He called the move an “Israeli victory” and thanked the Mossad for their involvement in his impeachment.

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