Palestinian-American Stranded in Detroit After Boycotting Waze

Image from AppAdvice at http://bit.ly/2hdidta

A Palestinian-American has been stranded in the suburbs of Detroit after boycotting his Israeli GPS app midway through his journey. Farid Sabur and his family were heading for Lake Michigan from their New York City home when he decided to explore the settings on his GPS app, Waze. To his shock, he found that the app was produced in Israel.

“I pulled over and deleted the app instantly,” Farid told The Mideast Beast. “By this point, we were in a dangerous looking neighborhood. I had to pull my wife’s hijab further down to cover her eyes!”

After a while, however, his family had had enough: “My wife insisted I download it again, but I proudly refused. I told her that if you give these Zionists an inch, they’ll take a yard. She cursed me and called an Uber with our two daughters. At least that app wasn’t founded in Israel!”

The police rescued the stranded Farid, who was down to his last Whole Foods item, three hours later. “I was relieved, I have to admit, but as they drove away using Waze, I decided it would be more dignified to barrel-roll out of the car.”

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