New UNESCO Resolution Challenges Agency’s Historic Connection to Relevance

UNESCO, the Ben Stiller to the international community’s Smithsonian Museum, is tasked with protecting the treasures of different cultures from themselves and each other.  Following the uproar about the Jerusalem Holy Site resolution, UNESCO apparently decided to one-up itself earlier today by challenging its own historic connection to relevance in the international sphere.

“We’ve had a presence on the international stage for generations,” an anonymous UNESCO source told TMB.  “But recently a number of member states have decided that that just isn’t so.  It’s kind of insulting, but what can you do?”  Despite the resolution, senior members of UNESCO have maintained that, like horny teenagers, they can’t control what comes out of their members.

Most people are quick to point out that UNESCO resolutions are non-binding so there aren’t really any consequences to the agency’s potential separation from relevance.  But regardless, most people get upset when their culture is disregarded like some worthless T-Rex skeleton in the Smithsonian Museum.

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