“Never Again” Suspended Due to Covid-19

UN Security Council Chamber in New York, By Patrick Gruban - originally posted to Flickr as UN Security Council, CC BY-SA 2.0, https://bit.ly/30Iv9xq

The United Nations today announced that, due to an abundance of hardships being placed on nations and the international community as a whole, they had no choice but to suspend “Never Again” until further notice. The prevention of genocide joins the growing list of compromises that the international community has had to deal with in order to fight the novel coronavirus pandemic.

“Never Again” derives from the Holocaust after the world turned a blind eye to Hitler, but nations are feeling the strain of upholding their human rights commitments for the last 6 decades and taking on the coronavirus pandemic that began around one year ago.

The measure has come as a relief to some, as there is increasing evidence that China is detaining and torturing millions of Uyghur Muslims in camps in rural China. A European Union diplomat said that confronting China these days was SUPER awkward considering that those prisoners are happily helping to manufacture masks and other PPE that the rest of the world desperately needs.

The Syrian government also praised the decision saying that “Never Again” was a relic and that sometimes you just got to barrel bomb folks. For their part, the Chinese government denies that it is carrying out crimes against humanity and demanded that the allegations be investigated. A Chinese representative to the UN has said: “we refuse to be treated like Jews”.

The Secretary General of the UN assured the international community though that the suspension of “Never Again” would not hamper efforts by the UN to pressure Israel into not existing, and in fact might actually help the matter.

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