Netanyahu Urges Strike on Ben & Jerry’s Dairy Enrichment Plant

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Calling the ice cream manufacturer an “existential threat” to the Jewish state – a phrase rarely ever used in Israeli political discourse – Israeli opposition leader and former prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu has called for air strikes against the Ben & Jerry’s dairy enrichment plant in Waterbury, Vermont.

Netanyahu urged the US, which has more advanced technology and more powerful bombs, to lead the strike but said Israel is also prepared to take unilateral action with or without American approval.

“Unless they are stopped, Ben & Jerry’s will accept nothing less than Israel’s complete destruction and an ice cream holocaust,” Netanyahu said to a joint address of Congress. “The State of Israel can never and will never allow this company to develop ice creams of mass flavor.”

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While Israel has not yet used direct military force, the country is believed to have been behind a series of covert operations. A mysterious computer virus destroyed millions of dollars’ worth of dairy equipment, with Israel suspected as the culprit. And on Thursday, one of the creamery’s most productive dairy cows was assassinated in what is widely believed to be a Mossad operation.

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