Miss America Faces Criticism for Selfie with Miss Taliban

Following the uproar surrounding her photo at the Miss Universe Pageant, Miss America told The Israeli Daily that she did not mean to pose with Miss Taliban and was simply taking a picture with several other models when the Taliban’s representative jumped into the frame.

“I was posing for a nice picture with my good friends – Miss Saudi Arabia, Miss Pakistan and Miss Northern Alliance – when out of nowhere Miss Taliban comes from behind and yells ‘photobomb!'” Miss America explained. “I have to admit, I was a bit relieved when I realized she just meant that she’d be entering our picture without consent.”

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The picture ignited an uproar in American media and social networks after it was shared on Facebook by al Qaeda leader Ayman al Zawahiri.

“America should not be negotiating with terrorists, nor should it be taking selfies with them,” commented Representative Darrell Issa, who has threatened to subpoena Miss America to testify before Congress. “This is even worse than last year’s picture with Miss Cuba.”

The incident is not the first time Miss America has faced criticism for taking selfies with models representing hostile regimes. In 1987, Miss America was nearly stripped of her title when pictures surfaced of her posing with Miss Iranian-sponsored Nicaraguan Contras.




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