Saudi Survey Questions Women’s Rights to Drive

Focus groups were conducted in Saudi Arabia to explore the social, political and economic ramifications of allowing women to drive in the kingdom. The conservative monarchy, not known for its support of women’s rights, did not allow women to be part of the research sessions and is reluctant to make known any of its findings.

The Mideast Beast however, was able to obtain a copy of the misogynistic report.

Positive impact:

Empowers women and sends a strong message to the international community that the kingdom acknowledges women do exist

Driving schools would cover entire vehicle with burqa and begin with a prayer before every session

Allows women to get out and enjoy the 55°C /131°F weather

Husbands control gas money allowance, dash cam, car keys and GPS tracking

Car insurance agencies catering to new women drivers would be a cash cow

A boon to local repair and body shops

Negative impact:

Sharing the road with a 4,000-pound lethal weapon in the hands of a person with a sheet over their head is not a good idea

No doubt other western evils, transgressions and transgenders will follow

Gives women too much freedom of movement for midnight beer runs and quick trips to buy cigarettes

May lead to hanky panky in backseat of vehicle

Inflatable male sex dolls could be placed in passenger seat to give the illusion of chaperon on board

World has enough PMS-fueled drivers on the roads (Premenstrual syndrome or PMS is a compelling magical force that creates dual personalities in women every month

Note: Don’t shoot the messenger.

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