Jewish and Arab Extremists Bond Over Destruction of Coexistence Symbols

Image credit to al-Monitor, "Both Israeli and Palestinian extremists try to inflame a new cycle of confrontations" at

As tensions in Israel continue to grow, an unlikely bond has developed between Jewish and Arab extremists as they’ve come together to vandalize and destroy Israel’s symbols of coexistence.

“It all started one night when I saw a bunch of Jews spray painting ‘Death To Arabs’ on a building,” Mohammed Ayyad, an Arab extremist said. “At first I thought it was a Mosque, so I was pretty upset, but then I saw that it was a school promoting coexistence, and I thought, ‘yeah that needs to be desecrated’ so I offered to fetch more paint. Here we were, representing two peoples with years of blood, violence, and hatred between us, coming together to serve a common goal. It was a true moment of male bonding!”

Avraham Goldberg, a Jewish extremist, agreed with Mohammed. “I guess you could say we’re ‘desecrating’ stereotypes by working together, but there’s really more that connects us than separates us. We take our holy books wayyyy too literally, we have a lot of pent up anger, and we want the land of Israel for ourselves.”

After the interview, Avraham said that he really likes Mohammed and would like to spend more time with him. He hopes that authorities rebuild these coexistence centers so they can come together and destroy them again.


Perfect timing for #ThrowBackThursday

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