ISIS Threatens Mia Khalifa after Reviewing Videos, Vigorously

Image snagged from some porn site

In a recent interview, former adult movie star Mia Khalifa said that she had been receiving death threats from ISIS and has seen photo-shopped pictures online of herself being beheaded. Khalifa made headlines in the past for participating in an adult video wearing a Hijab and has angered some over several Lebanese nationalistic tattoos as well as a Lebanese Flag on her body.

An ISIS spokesman has expressed outrage over her actions saying: “I heard from a friend that these videos on Pornhub, whatever that is, are so un-Islamic, that they had to watch it several more times over the course of a week to be sure, “The ISIS leadership has also expressed concerns that Ms. Khalifa’s videos might ruin the appeal of a heaven full of virgins, especially after foot soldiers began asking if the Koran said anything about a virgin-porn star exchange rate.

Other terrorist groups have also taken an interest in the porn star in the past, including Hezbollah. An aide to the group’s leader, Hassan Nasrallah, said that sometimes the cleric was so deeply disturbed by the actions of the star he would lock himself in his living quarters for hours to research her. The aide continued, “I could tell that her actions affected him deeply, you could hear the moans of anguish coming from behind that door” and explained that afterward there would be mountains of tissues with his clotted tears.

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