ISIS Fashion Week Unveils Trendy COVID-19 Resistant Unisex Burka

ID 39655966 © Patronestaff | Dreamstime.com

While the Paris fashion weeks were recently cancelled due to the pandemic, ISIS fashion week, which took place in a Syrian prison, proudly unveiled a trendy COVID-19 resistant unisex burka.

ISIS’ chief fashion designer Mohammed Saladin who was educated at the prestigious New York Liberal Fashion School for Inclusive Oppression, enthusiastically spoke to The Mideast Beast about his innovative virus-resistant burka. “In accordance with 21st century customs, my advanced unisex burka offers equal oppression opportunities for males, females and transgenders. I am particularly proud of the built-in stylish bomb belt and the anti-licking detector, which gives potential shrine licking violators a gentle 220 voltage hug.”

Iconic US Vogue Magazine editor, Anna Wintour, heaped praise on the new must-have item. “The unisex burka is the hottest fashion item since President Trump and Prime Minister Boris Johnson introduced the blond unruly bird nest hairstyle.”

Former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke, who attended the ISIS fashion show, shared his experience with The Mideast Beast after inspecting the outlet’s impeccable facsimile Neo-Nazi certificate from eBay. “Unlike oppressive Zionist-Occupied Jew York, ISIS Fashion Week was a refreshing experience with no blacks, kikes, libtards or gays. My suntanned brother Farrakhan did attend but he has a heart made out of Aryan gold.”

Duke predicted a great future for the stylish burka. “If the ISIS design geniuses can somehow integrate a stylish Mein Kampf print on the unisex burka, I am seriously contemplating introducing it as an enlightened 21st century uniform for the Klan folks back home.”

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