Iranian Anti-Semitism Virus Outbreak, Sanders Condemns Israel’s “Racist” Ayatollah Entry Ban

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Israel’s Ministry of Health has imposed a strict entry ban on Iranian ayatollah regime officials contemplating visiting Israel. The dramatic move comes after Iran’s supreme leader ayatollah Ali Khamenei and most of his regime officials were tested positive for the anti-Semitism virus – also known as AsV-2020– believed to be even more lethal than the rapidly-spreading coronavirus throughout the Middle East

Bernie Sanders swiftly condemned Israel’s “racist” entry ban on ayatollah officials in an interview with The Mideast Beast.

“As an adherent of Socialist post-Judaism, I condemn Israel’s racist travel entry restrictions on peace-loving Iranian Jihadi officials. Iran’s supreme leader reassured me that the ayatollah regime is not anti-Semitic. Just like anti-Zionist progressives, Iran’s regime is merely critical of Israel’s racist policies, especially those policies that keep the Jewish state safe.”

David Cohen, a senior official from Israel’s Ministry of Health responded to Sanders. “The anti-Semitism virus is the world’s oldest and most lethal disease. It is also highly contagious. While concerns run high with roughly 80,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus worldwide, by contrast, roughly 80,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus worldwide. By contrast, more than one billion people around the world have reportedly contracted AsV-2020, including allegedly infecting at least one squad of US Congresspeople.

Mr. Cohen explained AsV-2020’s symptoms to The Mideast Beast.

“In its milder form, AsV-2020 is just old-fashioned dislike of Jewish socialists like Sanders or Jewish capitalists like Bloomberg. In its more severe mutations, AsV  can lead to accusations of “Christ killers”, uncontrolled arm movements into frequent Sieg Heil positions, or Jihadi-stimulated ramblings about wiping the Zionist entity off the map.”

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