‘I Was on Ambien When I Pulled Out of Afghanistan,’ Biden Says

Image credit: snagged from some 'real news' site.

Seeking to deflect blame for the disastrous US withdrawal from Afghanistan, President Joe Biden now says he had taken the sleeping aid Ambien before planning the hasty withdrawal from the country.

“I’m not heartless, just an idiot,” Biden tweeted. “I mixed up my pills before meeting with the generals about Afghanistan and took Ambien instead of my Donepezil. By the time I came to, I had abandoned Bagram Air Base, withdrawn the military, and left 100,000 US allies behind.”

Biden is far from the first person to mistakenly surrender to the Taliban after mixing up his pills. President Trump had mistakenly taken seven Ambien before reaching a peace deal with the Taliban in 2019.

“The President tried to take a few Adderall to stay awake during his talks with Taliban leadership,” one former Trump advisor told The Mideast Beast. “Next thing we knew he was inviting them to Camp David for a 9/11 celebration.”

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