Hamas Environment Minister Vows to Cut Flag, Effigy Burning 20% by 2030

Image credit to Financial Times in "UAE deal with Israel a ‘stab in the back’, say Palestinian leaders" at https://on.ft.com/2TfGUIs

In one of the region’s most ambitious initiatives to address climate change, Hamas Minister of the Environment Ahmet al-Buluti has vowed to reduce flag and effigy burning emissions 20% by 2030.

“We must all do our part to confront the reality of global warming, and these targets will be an important step towards reducing our carbon footprint,” al-Buluti said in a press conference. “By 2050, we hope to cut flag and effigy burning emissions in half, because all nations must make sacrifices to ensure that our planet remains inhabitable.”

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While Hamas’s environmental targets-to-meet are the most aggressive to date, Gaza’s is just one of many Middle Eastern governments looking to reduce emissions. Syria has begun transitioning from high-carbon carpet-bombing to zero-carbon sarin gas, ISIS is on its way to phasing out burning prisoners alive, beheading them instead, while al Qaeda has promised only to hijack environmentally-friendly aircraft in future attacks.

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