Study Finds COVID-19 Death Toll Inexplicably Soaring Among Saudi Journalists, Bloggers

Photo 92387640 © Allexxandar | Dreamstime.com

Every day brings new information about those who are most at risk of serious complications from the coronavirus Delta variant. It was believed that it only negatively affected those over sixty years of age and anyone with heart, respiratory or immune conditions. Nonetheless, new data, which has been collected at various embassies and consulates, suggests that the group most likely to die from COVID-19 are not in fact the elderly or those with preexisting conditions but rather, Saudi journalists and bloggers. More disturbing still is the fact that not one of these individuals had been exposed to the Delta variant.

The Mideast Beast (TMB) was able to get a comment from one Saudi blogger who requested to remain anonymous. “It’s weird, right? One minute a journalist is alive and disseminating news about human rights abuses, and the next minute, we’re all like, ‘dude, why’s Jamali in 17 pieces, and is that a bone saw on the floor?’ It really is strange how differently COVID-19 affects people.”

TMB attempted to reach out to the progressive Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Salman for comment. One of his aides noted, “Sorry, but he’s too busy bullshitting the West with his ‘Liberalize Saudi Arabia‘ tour. You understand.”

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