BBC Mistakenly Publishes Video About Israeli Eurovision Winner Despite Occupation

Netta Barzilai image from CNN at https://cnn.it/2jVNj9X

The Israeli winner of the 2018 Eurovision contest has been riling up quite the media frenzy- not because of her weight, culturally appropriated performance, or raunchy feminist message. The BBC has mistakenly produced a video of the Israeli singer after her Eurovision win this weekend, which left out the vital messages of oppression of Palestinians and destruction of their homeland by Israelis.

The BBC clarified their stance on accusations of anti-Semitism in the wake of the video: “Although we cannot 100% right this wrong, we have introduced measures to assure that more blatantly anti-Semitic slurs and mentions of occupation will be included in any form of journalism even alluding to traces of Israhell… Israel going forward.”

The BBC is regularly accused of victimizing Palestinians, offending Jews, and Islamophobia. Sometimes, even in the same article.

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