Barghouti: Saving Our Own Asses More Important Than Boycotting Israel

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Omar Barghouti, the founder of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement against Israel (BDS) said on Sunday that if Israel comes up with a vaccine against coronavirus, it will be kosher for boycotters to use it.

“Up until now, we have not been in a situation where we need Israel urgently and no one else can save us but Israel”, Barghouti said. “If that will happen, like if Israel finds a cure for cancer, for example, or any other virus, like Covid-19, saving our own asses is more important than anything else. So, if you use medical equipment from Israel – it’s not a problem”.

Barghouti tried to defend himself from accusations that he was boycotting Israel in an unprincipled and opportunistic cherry-picking fashion.

“Look, I can’t help it”, said Omar Barghouti, “I am fucking petrified of catching coronavirus and besides, not practicing what we preach runs in the Barghouti family: I’m literally a victim of my genes. In 2017, while leading a hunger strike in Israeli jails, my brother Marwan was filmed munching on cookies and candy in the bathroom when he thought that nobody was watching. He was set up by the occupying Zionist entity, obviously, but still you might ask yourselves, ‘Did he really have to gobble up all the Zionist candies that the Israeli cookie monsters gave him?’ The answer is that I don’t know. It’s a complex issue.  One of my UCLA groupies from Jewish Voice for Peace is currently writing her Ph.D. on that exact topic. So I will have to get back to you”.

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