Assad, Putin and Khamenei to Form Hard Rock Supergroup: ‘New Axis of Evil’

The apparent alliance between Iran, Syria and Russia culminated Friday with the release of a self-titled album ‘New Axis of Evil.’  It features Putin on lead guitar and vocals, Khamenei on bass and backup vocals, and Assad on drums.

Khamenei’s ‘Sanction City’ is a bluesy number, with a lot of passion behind it, but it is Putin’s hard rock cover of Shaggy’s hit ‘It Wasn’t Me’ that has caused the most stir. However, true fans are most excited by the bonus track ‘Nuclear Ambition,’ which features guest vocals from none other than Kim Jong Un.  There are even rumors circulating that the group may set tour dates for the fall, but this is still unconfirmed and heavily dependent on whether President Trump has been placated by a Nobel Prize before Christmas.

Overall, the album has been met with mixed reviews.  Entertainment Weekly called it “disturbing,” and Rolling Stone claimed it “violated human decency” and was also “a bit overproduced.”